YTG100 Mining Dump Truck

YTG100 off-road mechanical-drive mining dump truck adopts the imported Cummins engine, Allison gearbox, hydraulic power steering system, double-cylinder hydraulic lifting system, hydro-pneumatic suspension shock-mitigation system, rear-axle wet-disk braking system and luxurious & comfortable cab, which make the YTG100 mining dump truck widely recognized in the industry. YTG100 off-road mechanical-drive mining dump truck can be applied to construction material transportation in the places such as the metallurgical mines, open coal and iron mines, water conservancy & hydropower construction sites, nonferrous metal mines, construction sites, etc. It belongs to the super-contouring off-road vehicle.


Performance Features

(1) High reliability: The truck adopts the hydraulic torque converter, which eliminates the rigid coupling between the engine and wheels and avoids the torsional vibration and shock, thus reducing effectively the faults and improving the service lives of the engine and drive;

(2) High safety level: The steering system is equipped with the accumulator, which can provide the even steering regardless of the engine speed; even if the engine power loses, the accumulator can still provide the emergency power for three cycles in time; thus the safety level of the steering system is improved greatly;

(3) Ultra-long service life of complete machine: The service life of the YTG100 off-road mechanical-drive mining dump truck is more than 15 years, which is much longer than the three years service life (service life in the mining area) of the road dump truck and the five years of the wide-body dump truck, thus enabling the user to achieve the maximum return on investment;

(4) A high degree of user recognition: The vehicle model adopts Cummins engine and full-automatic power shift gearbox that are widely recognized by users in domestic and international markets. The reliable quality and global service system of such engine and gearbox are far more superior to the domestic auxiliary products;

(5) Good driving comfort: The complete machine of such mining truck model adopts the hydro-pneumatic suspension, enabling the complete machine has the good driving comfort; in the meantime, the good adaptivity based on the automatic shift gearbox reduces greatly the labor intensity of the driver and also improves the trafficability of the vehicles under the bad road conditions;

(6) High production efficiency: The gearbox of YTG100 off-road mechanical-drive mining dump truck can realize the automatic blocking in all the shifts, guaranteeing effectively the relatively high production efficiency.


External Dimension (L × W × H) (mm) 10550×5600×5090
Wheel Base (mm) 4600
Tread (Front/Back) (mm) 3950/3500
Engine Power (kW/hp) 783/1050
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm) 771
Standard Carriage Volume (m3) 45/60
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) (kg) 72000
Allowed Gross Mass of Full Load (kg) 163000
Maximum Speed (km/h) 52
Maximum Gradeability (%) 35
Minimum Turning Diameter (m) 24
Approach Angle (°) 25
Departure Angle (°) 54.8
Lifting Time (s) 16
Descending Time (s) 18
Maximum Inclination Angle (°) 50