YT3761 Mining Dump Truck

Yutong heavy mining dump truck, as a dump truck brand, appeared in the "product of the China construction machinery TOP50” for three consecutive years.


Performance Feature

1. Large carrying capacity

The inside width of the hopper is 3200mm and the stowed volume is 35m3, which make it possible to carry more materials and improve the transport efficiency.

2. Safety and reliability

The outside width of the frame is 1200mm, and the span of the middle and rear wheels is 2463mm. The YT3761 mining vehicle is featured with large wheel-span, low center of gravity and high stability, which make the rigid dump truck more stable during driving and safer while working in mining areas.

3. Large carrying capacity

The newly developed large-tonnage high-carrying-capacity axle has promised the vehicle with large carrying capacity; the split-type wheel-edge structure brings forth more convenient maintenance; the newly designed drum brake has greatly increased the brake torque of the complete vehicle and improved the driving safety.

4. Patented Technology

By adopting split type balance shaft to increase outside bearing frame, the stress state is greatly enhanced compared with the traditional balance shaft structure.

5. Safe and Comfortable

Our mining dump truck is equipped with streamlined instrument desk, combined instrument and comfortable operation environment, which distinguishes our company from the other companies in the earthmoving machinery industry.

Performance Parameters

Parameters of Standard Configuration
Curb mass (kg) 26000
Designed gross mass (kg) 76000
Max. rated load (kg) 50000
Standard carriage (flush/stack) (m3) 26/30
Overall dimensions of vehicle (L X W X H) (mm) 8700X3400X3700
Wheel base (mm) 3600+1550
Drive type 6X4
Min. turning radius (mm) ≤11
Max. speed (km/h) 46
Max. gradeability (%) 35
Approach angle / departure angle (°) 30/45
Engine Model ISME385 30
Power (kw/hp) 283/385
Max. torque (N.m) 1835
Gearbox 9JSD220
Tyre 14.00-24
Axle Load of front axle (kg) 19
Load of intermediate and rears (kg) 35
Speed ratio 11.28 
Time of lifting large carriage (s) ≤28