953A Wheel Loader

The Series 953A 5 ton wheel loader is equipped with high performance Weichai supercharged engine which is featured with high output power and low oil consumption to ensure reliable quality and economic price.


Performance Features

1. Compact Wheel Loader with Strong Power

(1) High efficiency: 5.4s for lifting, 9.8s for lifting, dumping and falling
(2) Flexible operation: small radius of turning circle
(3) Strong power: 162kw Weichai supercharged engine
(4) Full loading: lengthened bucket bottom with large angle

2. Excellent Performance

(1) Discharge height: our compact wheel loader has the maximum discharge height of 3400mm, which is able to satisfy high discharge requirements.
(2) Powerful strength: the 5 ton wheel loader has the maximum break out force of 175kN and maximum traction force of 159kN which is suitable for various working condition.
(3) Reasonable wheel base: the wheel base is 3000mm which makes the loader suitable for various working condition.
(4) High performance: optimized single-bellcrank implement makes the operation smooth.
(5) As an experienced wheel loader manufacturer in China, we guarantee to provide our customers with high performance wheel loader.

3. High Reliability

(1) Our compact wheel loader is designed with unitary front frame and box beam rear frame made of high intensity thicken panel.
(2) The link joint adopts double row circular cone stone roller bearing, which is more flexible.

4. Long Service Life

Long Service Life
(1) Series 953A 5 ton wheel loader adopts wear-resistance knife board and bucket tooth, which lengthen the service life of the bucket.
(2) Pin roll hinge joint adopts "C” type sheath with good dust prevention effect and good wear-resistance.
(3) Hydraulic joint is designed with double seal by adopting German technology, which has excellent sealing property.

5. Comfortable Driving

(1) By adopting imported flexible shaft, the wheel loader is more convenient to operate.
(2) With big heater volume, it is more comfortable to operate.

Technical Parameters

External dimension (L × W × H) (mm) 8400×3000×3480
Rated load (t) 5
Rated dipper capacity(m3) 2.7-4.2
Standard dipper capacity(m3) 2.7
Weight of complete vehicle (t) 17.0-17.4
Maximum discharge height(mm) 3400
Wheel base (mm) 1160
Sum of lifting, dumping and falling time(s) ≤9.8
Wheel base (mm) 3000
Tread width(mm) 2200
Break out force (kN) 175
Maximum traction force (kN) 150
Steering angle(°) 36
Maximum driving speed(km/h) 38
Minimum turning radius 6160
Maximum grade ability (°) 30