Yutong Heavy Industries has more than 60 kinds of products that can be classified to such 5 categories as shoveling and transporting machinery, environmental protection equipment and environmental protection engineering, piling machinery, special purpose vehicle, construction hoisting machinery, with its business covering the roads, railways, hydraulic engineering, architectural engineering, coal mines, petroleum engineering, civil engineering, environmental protection. With environmental protection equipments, construction hoisting machinery and mining dump trucks. Its new business has been put into the market and obtained the expected market share, in which, the market share of the rotary drilling rig ranks second in China, the market share of waste landfill site equipment, long-spiral rotary drilling rig and impact compactor ranks firstly respectively. Its new, advanced and top products with multi-purpose rotary drilling rig and new-type loader as typical have much higher sale in overseas market than before and have become the new bright spot of the Company.

As a specialized supplier of construction machinery of PLA Construction Engineering Corps, Yutong Heavy Industries has made outstanding contributions to the national defense construction, supplied thousands of various equipment like high-speed bulldozers and loaders for this Corps, and been highly appraised by the army due to the high quality of its products in the past 60 years.