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Environmental Sanitation Machinery

Trash Compactor

Refuse compactor is the necessary equipment in refuse landfill, which is used for bulldozing, smashing and ...


Road Washer

The street sweeper with high pressure water system is mainly used for cleaning pavement and sweeping pavement, ...


Cleaning Truck

The high-pressure water circuit of the road washer adopts the pneumatic actuator to control the high-pressure ball ...


Road Sweeper

As an environmental sanitation equipment, the road sweeper integrates road sweeping, garbage collection and ...


Waste Compactor Truck

The chassis of garbage compactor truck adopts the domestic well-known Dongfeng forward control Type-B automobile ...


Roll-on/Roll-off Truck

The roll-on/roll-off truck adopts internationally famous pull arm superstructure, which is characterized by ...


Mobile Compactor

S2000M self-contained trash compactor is configured with electrical control with 24V DC safe voltage and the ...


Water Sprinkler Truck

The materials of main part for the water tank truck is made of high strength Q345 steel; compared with the ...


Sewage Suction Truck

The main function of the vacuum sewage suction truck is for urban and rural sanitation department to suck and ...



Currently, the company has developed the complete environmental sanitation machinery for domestic living garbage treatment. Its main products has more than 50 series, including the cleaning and sweeping vehicles, road sweeping vehicles, high pressure cleaning vehicles, compression-type vehicles transport vehicles, vehicles compression transfer equipment, garbage transfer vehicles, garbage compactors, and snow blowers. The environmental sanitation machinery are mainly used for collecting, compressing and transporting garbage in urban area, suburb area, airport, etc; cleaning and washing road and compressing garbage in refuse landfill.