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Hydraulic Crawler Crane

Hydraulic crawler crane is featured with high performance, high reliability and attractive appearance, which has reached the advanced level among the like products in domestic market. It is widely used in transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy project, etc.



1. The crawler crane adopts high performance Cummins diesel engine which meets the GB II emission standard and provides reliable, economic and environment-friendly power source.
2. The retractable chassis structure has an extended folding bracket to improve the stability of chassis and at the same time not to influence overall transportation.
3. The hydraulic crawler crane is featured with large driving force, strong gradeability and high reliability by adopting built-in planet gear reducer and high torque running motor.
4. By adopting dual brakes, the main winch, with the function of high speed free lowering, not only greatly improve working efficiency but also guarantee brake reliability.
5. The derricking winch mechanism equipped with ratchet locking device (Main winch can also be equipped in accordance with customer's requirements) guarantee the safe and reliable positioning of boom and goods to avoid accidents.
6. The boom is formed by welding high strength structural pipe; the boom head adopts nylon pulley which is featured with good stiffness, light weight, and high carrying capacity.
7. The hydraulic crawler crane is designed with pilot controlled, load sensing hydraulic control system, with the advantages of high micro-motion performance, high accuracy, convenient and flexible.
8. The crawler crane adopts swing mechanism with a controllable free slipping mechanism to realize stable operation.
9. The vehicle is equipped with a reliable and high performance torque limiter to monitor the working condition in real time. It is also equipped with safety devices such as rotary table swing locking device and boom anti-overturn device to ensure safe and reliable operation.
10. The crawler crane is able to monitor and real-time display working state by adopting combination instrument to realize integrated control of engine data. Anemometer, level gauge and electric megaphone are optional devices for safe and smooth work.
11. The crawler crane is designed with streamline shape grate circle cab with broad vision and artistic outline. The top grade shock absorbing seat, fan, heater and MP3 audio player make it comfortable while operating the vehicle.
12. The main and auxiliary winches both adopt modularized design to allow multiple options as the customer required.
13. The hanging type balance weight is much easier for installation, removal, and transfer.
14. As a well-known crawler crane supplier in China, we developed different kinds of hydraulic crawler crane for sale.

Technical parameter

Major technical parameters Unit YTQU55B YTQU70 YTQU80 YTQU125
Maximum hoisting capacity t 55 70 80 125
Maximum hoisting moment t·m 55×3.8 72×3.8 80×4.3 117×6
Length of Main Boom Boom length of long jib m 13~37 13~58 13~58 16~73
Jib length m 6.10~15.25 9~18 9~18 13~25
Total maximum length of the main boom + jib m 43+15.25 43+18 49+18 61+25
Luffing angle of main boom ° 30-80 30-80 30-80 30-80
Rope lifting and lowering speed of main winch m/min 0~110 0~100 0~79 0~80
Rope lifting and lowering speed of auxiliary winch m/min 0~70 0~100 0~100 0~80
Rope lifting and lowering speed of boom m/min 0~65 0~76 0~79 0~45
Slewing Speed r/min 0~2.2 2.3 0~3.3 0~1.65
Travelling Speed km/h 0~1.3 0~1.3 0~1.1 0~1.0
Gradeability (with basic jig and keep the cab rearward) % 40 30 30 30
Engine rated output power/rotation speed kw/r/min 132kW/2000rpm 160kW/2200rpm 194kW/2200rpm 215kW/2100rpm
Engine model Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C180 Cummins6CTAA8.3-C215 Cummins 6CTAA8.3-C215 Cummins6CTAA8.3-C260 Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C295
Total weight (with basic jig and largest hoisting hook) t 55 66 84 115
Ground pressure of track (with basic jig) Mpa 0.069 0.074 0.08 0.08
Counterweight mass t 17.5 22.5 25 42
Track link pitch mm 3360(4520) 2500~4030 3390~4900 5400
Wheel track of crawler mm 4890 5100 5470 6900
Width of crawler tread mm 760 800 850 1015
Maximum transportation weight for a single piece t 32 39.5 51.6 37
Maximum transportation dimensions for a single piece (length X width X height) mm 720×3360×3360 8135×3300×3445 8460×3390×3823 9150×3380×3400