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Tracked Down-hole Drilling Rig

Our company is a well-known mining machinery supplier in China; we have developed a complete series of mining machinery for sale.
YTQ165 surface DTH drill rigs is all hydraulic drill with high air pressure and strong blast capacity, which is suitable for drilling and blasting hard or medium hard rocks in various working conditions such as open-pit mine, quarry, etc.


YTQ165 Performance Features

1. Easy site transition and operation.

The tracked down-hole drilling rig adopts full hydraulic crawler chassis to realize slewing at the same place and crawling 30°steep hill. Chassis is designed with floating type and adjustable flat structure to meet various severe working conditions. Angle of carriage and boom is adjustable to meet the multi-angle, multi-position construction requirements.

2. High efficiency

Boom changing device can be equipped with 6 drill rod with the length of 5m to relieve labour intensity. The thread compensation mechanism is mounted on the power head, which is able to improve working efficiency by adjusting automatically while assembling the drill rod.

3. Widely applicable to different sites

YTQ165 surface DTH drill rig is equipped with world-class imported high-pressure, large airflow compressor with the pressure of 2.07mpa and airflow of 23m3/min. It is suitable for various rocky layers with wide construction application scope.

4. Comfortable operation

YTQ165 tracked down-hole drilling rig is equipped with fully sealed cab with adjustable seat, heater and cooler. The cab is featured with big space, broad vision, reasonable control and layout design, which ensure a comfortable and relax working environment.

5. Energy saving and environmental protection

YTQ165 surface DTH drill rigs adopt a 338kW engine to drive air compressor in one end and drive hydraulic system in another end. In this case, it is able to reduce energy consumption and raise working efficiency. It also has good environmental protection effect by adopting two cyclone-and-pulse-bag dust-removal devices.

Technical Parameter

Item YTQ165
Operating weight of complete machine(kg) 22000
Engine power (Kw) 338
Traction (kN) 142
Travel speed (km/h) 0~2.5
Gradeability(°) 30
Transport length (mm) 9500
Transport height (mm) 3700
Transport width (mm) 3200
Track width (mm) 500
Wheelbase (mm) 2850
Power head stroke (mm) 5660
Power head movement speed (m/min) 18
Power head fast moving speed (m/min) 55
Maximum applied pressure (kN) 40
Maximum pullback force (kN) 40
System pressure (bar) 280
Power head torque (Nm) 3900
Power head speed (r/min) 0 ~100
Impact frequency (Min-1) 820-1475
Single impact energy (Nm) 822
Compressor working wind pressure (kg/c㎡ ) 20.7
Compressor wind rate (m3/min) 23
Standard drill (outer rod) (mm) φ114
Maximum drilling hole depth (m) 30 Standard
Drill hole diameter φ(mm) Φ120-φ180 Standard