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Mining Machinery

Mining Dump Truck

Yutong heavy mining dump truck, as a dump truck brand, appeared in the “product of the China construction ...

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Tracked Down-hole Drilling Rig

Our company is a well-known mining machinery supplier in China; we have developed a complete series of mining ...



The mining machinery manufactured by our company can be divided into two series including mining dump truck and tracked down-hole drilling rig, which are not allowed to drive on the highway. The mining dump truck is mainly used for transferring and dumping materials in all kinds of construction sites such as hydraulic and hydro-power engineering, open-pit mining engineering, etc. Our mining dump truck is featured with strong power, high transport efficiency, classic appearance and unique self-control drive axle.
The tracked down-hole drilling rig is the drilling equipment used in open excavation including mining, metallurgy, railway construction, national defense construction, etc.