YTG50 Mining Dump Truck

Yutong heavy mining dump truck, as a dump truck brand, appeared in the "product of the China construction machinery TOP50” for three consecutive years.


Performance Features

1. YTG50 mining dump truck adopts international standard Cummins electronic fuel injection engine with strong power, big torque reserve, reasonable structure, stable performance and high fuel efficiency to meet the state-II emission standard.
2. The transmission adopts America ALLison power shift transmission which is featured with simple operation and stable performance, so that the reliability of the transmission system is improved. TC682 hydraulic torque converter mounted on the transmission can prevent the transmission system from twisting vibration or impact, so that the failure rate has effectively decreased and the service life of the engine and transmission has been prolonged.
3. The YTG50 is equipped with reinforced axle developed by our company, which ensure a reasonable structure and reliable quality.
4. Steering Hydraulic System adopts variable displacement piston pump; when there is no steering, the steering pump is at high-pressure small-displacement state, when it needs steering, corresponding amount of oil will be supplied based on the load to meet the steering requirements for the purpose of oil saving. At the same time, accumulator is used by the system for emergency steering. In case of any failures of the machine, the accumulator will provide temporary compressive oil to stop the vehicle by the roadside to make the system safer and more reliable.
5. In order to prevent the oil cylinder from impact load or engine from failures during the transportation, the implement hydraulic system adopts emergency descent function by mounting float elements on control valve.
6. The brake system is under fully hydraulic control. Service brake is realized by caliper disc brake; compared to the traditional pneumatic control drum brake, it has bigger braking force and is more reliable.
7. The lift cylinder is arranged outside of the frame so that the interior space for maintenance becomes bigger. By means of 3D modeling, CAE finite element analysis for the frame is carried out. Based on the analysis results, we have improved the lift cylinder so that the stress concentration is decreased and the bending resistance and torsion resistance of the frame are improved, and the service life of the mining dump truck is increased as well.
8. The cab is designed with enhanced structure to meet the anti-turn requirements.
9. The complete hopper adopts V-shaped structure with a longitudinal V-shaped bottom of crosswise groove-shape reinforcing ribs, large-section horizontal side plate reinforced with reinforcing plate.

Performance Parameters

Parameters of Standard Configuration
Curb mass (kg) 37595
Designed gross mass (kg) 82595
Max. rated load (kg) 45000
Standard carriage (flush/stack) (m3) 22/28
Overall dimensions of vehicle (L X W X H) (mm) 9030×4520×4556
Wheel base (mm) 4060
Drive type 4X2
Min. turning radius (m) ≤9.5
Max. speed (km/h) 55
Max. gradeability (%) 35
Approach angle / departure angle (°) 27/53
Engine Model QSX15-C525
Power (kw/hp) 392/525
Max. torque (N.m) 2440
Gearbox H5620AR
Tyre 21.00-35
Axle Load of front axle (kg) 25000
Load of rear axle (kg) 52800
Speed ratio 20.9 
Time of lifting large carriage (s) ≤13