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Trash Compactor

Refuse compactor is the necessary equipment in refuse landfill, which is used for bulldozing, smashing and compressing the garbage. Our garbage compactor is self-propelled radial type four-wheel drive hydraulic trash compactor which is featured with powerful gradeability, good compaction effect, and high production efficiency. The compactor is mainly used for bulldozing and compressing garbage; it can also be used for compressing materials especially for viscous material in different construction site. Our refuse compactor has the following characteristics


Performance features

1. Patented product;

2. The machine is equipped with turbocharging diesel engine with low oil-consumption, reliable performance and cold-starting device ( with the lowest starting temperature of -25℃).

3. Front and rear four-wheel drive and brake by machinery hydraulic power.

4. By adopting military-quality standard highly-efficient hydraulic torque converter and power shift transmission, and externally mounted clutch friction plate, the refuse compactor is easy to maintain. The power shift transmission is provided with 2 gears for forward and backward, respectively, so as to adapt to the harsh conditions of landfill, while the transmission is functioned with the automatic out-of-gear in braking and automatic engaged-gear upon releasing the brake, thereby avoiding damage to the driveline in braking.

5. The hydraulic system of the complete vehicle adopts the German DIN standard and "Cone-O" double seal, which is characterized by superior sealing performance and strong anti-leakage capacity;

6. The garbage compactor is configured with the secondary sprinkler system resistant to drug corrosion, and adjustable sprinkle dosage and nozzle clogging electrical alarm device;

7. The cab can be reversibly opened through manual or electric manner, which is easy to maintain and repair;

8. Adopting independent hydraulic steering and hydraulic hoisting system, the machine is more reliable, convenient and energy-efficient.

9. The front and rear drive axle is configured with the NO-Spin automatic interlock differential mechanism.

10.The hydraulic trash compactor is equipped with centralized lubrication system and ROPS integrated with the frame, which is robust and safety; color LCD reversing monitor system is also adopted as well as two rain-proof cameras installed at the high and low place.

11. The service brake of the front and rear axle and the parking brake of the transmission are able to provide the maximum safety assurance;

12. The front and rear frame can transversely swing with the terrain, and the compaction wheel is fully contacted with the ground;

13. The cab is mounted with double doors and interior decoration, which is leakproof, dustproof, shockproof, and noise-proof.

14. Configured with powerful lighting system (10 working lights), the refuse compactor has more spacious visual range upon working at night; additionally, it is configured with the work light delay off device upon the driver out of the site (about 1 minute and 30 seconds), which greatly facilitates driving personnel out of the vehicle;

15. The cab is equipped with the audio system, air conditioning as well as fans, which is characterized by elegant and comfortable operating environment; configured with fresh air ventilation and air purification system, fire extinguishers, work warning lights, and rainproof reversing buzzer; the sound instrument monitoring system is able to ensure the operator to keep abreast of the working conditions of various systems of the complete truck.

16. Adjustable steering wheel, which can be adjusted in the front and rear direction according to the requirements, allows the driver get the most comfortable manipulation posture.

6620 Trash Compactor

Technical Parameter of 6620 Trash Compactor

Overall dimensions(mm) 7275×3094×3710(shipping height 3510)
Engine type SC8D180.1G2B1
Engine Power Rating(kW) 132
Rated speed(rpm) 2200
Load carrying capacity(kg)) 20000
Rolling width (mm) 2986
Shoveling height (mm) 1685
Shoveling width (mm) 3094
Lifting height of the push shovel (mm) 1000
Digging depth of the push shovel (mm) 150
Maximum gradeability (%) 100
Ground clearance (mm) 420
Maximum driving speed (km/h) 11

6623 Trash Compactor

Technical Parameter of 6623 Trash Compactor

Overall dimensions(mm) 7785×3400×3770( shipping height 3570)
Engine type SC11CB210G2B1
Engine Power Rating (kW) 155
Rated speed (rpm) 2200
Load carrying capacity (kg)) 23000
Rolling width (mm) 3330
Shoveling height (mm) 1930
Shoveling width (mm) 3400
Lifting height of the push shovel (mm) 1200
Digging depth of the push shovel (mm) 200
Maximum gradeability (%) 100
Ground clearance (mm) 460
Maximum driving speed (km/h) 9.5