Towed Scraper

Towed scraper is a kind of engineering machinery which is featured with larger-scale, multi-purpose and highly-efficient. It is mainly used for filling, excavation and transportation of large amount of earthworks such as construction of large dams, paving and leveling airports, etc.


Performance Features

Series CTY9A towed scraper is a larger-scale, multi-purpose and highly-efficient engineering machinery, which is suitable for the earthwork construction operations of railways, highways, airports, medium-sized water conservancy projects and construction sites, etc. It is mainly used for filling, excavation and transportation of large amount of earthworks, such as the digging canals, construction of large dams, paving and leveling airports and land reclamation, etc. It can obtain better economic effects while the transport distance is from 100m to 1500m. It also can be used for land-leveling operation and soil stripping in the stock yard and open pit.

Tractor with more than 220 horsepower is equipped on Series CTY9A pull scraper as the traction power; other tractors with 20-27 tons traction and matched hydraulic system are optional. In order to work in conjunction with the hydraulic towed scraper, the tractor should be equipped with the oil pump, maneuvering valve (3-linked), fuel tank and other hydraulic steering system.
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Item Technical parameters
(Bucket Capacity)(m3) Flat-loading: 9m3, stack-loading: 11m3
the horizontal swing angle of the working mechanism relative to the towing trailer (commonly known as the swob)(°) 20
The tractor can turn left and right relative to the working mechanism (°) 90
Minimum Ground Clearance 384
Minimum Turning Radius 6320
Maximum Digging Depth 300
Maximum Cutting Width 2700
Maximum Paving Thickness(mm) 430
length×width×height 9500×3380×2675
Non-Load Weight (kg) 10500
Full Load Weight(kg) 20500 Full Load: Approximately 20500kg