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Gasoline Fuel Tank Trailer

The semi-trailer is a successful product of Yutong special vehicle whose tank has been applied for national patent. The gasoline fuel tank trailer shows elegant appearance. As an experienced tank truck supplier in China, we have developed a complete series of tank truck for sale.


Performance features

Performance characteristics


The tank of the tank truck is made of low alloy steel which is featured with high strength, light weight and high safety. The gasoline fuel tank truck is designed with single tank structure and reasonable fluidized-bed to ensure easy operation, quick discharge speed, loe remainder ratio, low running cost and high price performance ratio.

Traveling mechanism:

Through CAE analysis, the truck frame is optimized and becomes more durable in use. Baohua 3.5" fabricated towing pin and 2" towing pin are interchangeable. SAF-HOLLAND manually controlled supporting legs (HLD30 Model) have the static load of 80T and the lifting load of 30T. The traveling mechanism adopts biaxial energy storage braking system.

Discharge pipe:

Discharge outlets are located on both sides of the rear part of the gasoline fuel tank truck, with drift diameter of 3". Three tandem but mutually independent closing devices are equipped on the tank truck, among which, the first closing device is UK FORT VALE's emergency shut-off valve. As for those components of this valve that contact the goods inside the tank, they are made of stainless steel 316. A shear groove is set on the valve body to ensure the valve keep the sealing when the tank suffers an accident. When the valve is damaged, it will rupture at the shear groove, but the valve plate and flange will still attach to the tank and keep the sealing. The second closing device is stainless steel ball valve. The third closing device is the seal cover of the anode connector that is at the discharge outlet. All the sealing gaskets are made from Teflon with excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

Electrical system:

The electrical system of the gasoline fuel tank trailer is equipped with LED lamp which is featured with 24V voltage, energy saving, shock-proof and long service life.