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Impact Compactor Roller

Impact compactor roller is a high-efficiency compaction machine with excellent compaction effects and economic benefits hard to be attained by the conventional products.


Performance features

1. Compaction of the original foundation

When the three-sided impact roller is required to recover or improve the foundation for a damaged highway or high fill, the original road surface can be directly crushed and compacted without necessarily removing the bad soil, which help to save the cost for such a removal and the backfill of new soil.

2. Compaction of rock works

The enormous impact of an impact compactor roller acts upon the rock fill, and the magnificent impact wave energy may largely increase the locking intensity among rock particles, so as to reduce the deformation due to settlement and the difference of settlement of the embankment, thus loosening strict requirements on the granularity of the fill.

3. High-efficiency compaction of fills

Today, it is usual to build a fill on the express way and airport track. With the use of such a continuous three-sided impact roller, the thickness of each layer of fill can reach 1.0-1.2m, in other words, more than 4000m3 of fill can be compacted per hour, to largely improve the construction efficiency. As for an ordinary vibrating roller, when the soil layer is thicker than 300mm, the compaction effects will be noticeably reduced, while the compaction depth of an impact compactor will be significantly increased as the rolling operation continues. With the increasing of the density, its influence depth will be also increased.

4. Requirements on the moisture content

Due to the substantial impact energy of an impact compactor roller, the required best moisture content of different types of soil can be reduced by 3%-5% within both directions, so as to relieve requirements on the moisture content of building materials.

5. Self-inspection feature

The three-sided impact roller can build a continuously stable reinforced layer, about 2m thick, beneath the subgrade, through the impact on soil body at a low frequency and with high vibration magnitude and high energy, which is quite critical for the increased useful life of the highway, railway, and airport track. On the surface, it is allowed to directly test the compaction quality of the subgrade by means of the settlement obtained.

Technical Parameters

Item 6830
Overall weight(kg) 16200
Impact energy(kJ) 30
Optimum speed (Km/h) 10~15
Working speed(mm) 2×900
Energy accumulator inflation pressure(MPa) 3.5~ 4.0
Tire pressure (MPa) 0.75~ 0.80
Energy accumulator supercharging pressure(MPa) 4 ~ 6
Motor tracker power (Kw) 235
Shape of impulse wheel trilateral
Physical dimensions (length x width x height)(mm) 4064×2960×2170