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Earthmoving Machinery

Wheel Loader

Wheel loader is large-scale, multi-purpose and high-efficient earthmoving machinery used for loading and unloading ...

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Wheel Bulldozer

As experienced earthmoving machinery in China, we have developed a series of wheel dozer for sale. Our company is ...

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Our company is an experienced earthmoving machinery supplier in China; we have developed a complete series of ...

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Earthmoving machinery is heavy-duty vehicles used for construction engineering especially for earthwork operations. Earthmoving machinery manufactured by our company mainly includes wheel loader, wheel bulldozer, scraper and so on.

Types and application

As a well-known earthmoving machinery manufacturer in China, we developed different kinds of earthmoving machinery for sale. Our company has developed a complete series of wheel loader based on the advanced technique of domestic wheel loader industry in recent 50 years. The loader is mainly used for shoveling, carrying, loading, unloading and leveling in constructional engineering, highway construction, mining, etc.
Wheel bulldozer is used for pushing, shoveling and leveling the road surface in constructional engineering.
Our Scraper has two series including towed scraper and motor scraper. Towed scraper is larger-scale, multi-purpose and highly-efficient engineering machinery suitable for the earthwork construction operations of railways, highways, airports, medium-sized water conservancy projects and construction sites, etc.