TL210H Wheel Bulldozer

As experienced earthmoving machinery in China, we have developed a series of wheel dozer for sale. Our company is the sole supplier of military wheel bulldozer which is mainly used for pushing, shoveling and leveling the road surface in the field of construction, highway construction, water-power engineering, port engineering, national defence engineering, etc.


Performance Features

1. The TL210H wheel bulldozer adopts Weichai supercharged diesel engine with high reliability, powerful driving force, and big powerman margin, low oil consumption. It introduces new-type combined prefilter to avoid abrasion.
2. The transmission parts are produced according to the military technology. The torque converter is featured with big circulating circle, big torque ratio and broad high efficiency area, which ensure the powerful traction of the wheel dozer.
3. The hydraulic pipeline adopts "cone-O” double seal with the advantage of good sealing property and high anti-permeability.
4. Being equipped with maintenance-free battery, sealed waterproof connector clip and combination switch, the electric system of the wheel bulldozer is safer, easier to operate and more reliable performance.
5. The wheel bulldozer is equipped with luxury cab designed according to automotive ergonomics with broad vision and luxury interior trim. Also, being equipped with shock-resistant seat, air conditioner, audio, the machine is more safe and comfortable.
6. Tl240H wheel dozer is featured with fast speed, powerful traction and high work efficiency; it is able to tow 20~30T flatbed trailer to transport large machineries.
7. The wheel dozer can also be equipped with garbage and snow shovels to meet different working conditions.

Technical Parameters

Overall size (L × W × H)(mm) 7275×3390×3465
Wheelbase(mm) 3470
Tread(mm) 2240
Height of Scraper Knife(mm) 1000
Operating weight(t) 15.5
Maximum lifting height of blade(mm) 1000
Maximum Digging depth of blade(mm) 400
Maximum Tilt height of blade(mm) 500
Gradeability (°) 25
Minimum turning radius(mm) 6545
Minimum ground clearance(m) 400
Steering angle(°) ±36
Engine Rated power(kW) 162
Maximum tractive force(kN) 125
Transmission gear Four forward gears, four reverse gears
Forward/back speed gearⅠ(km/h) 0~7.5
Forward/back speed gearⅡ(km/h) 0~14.9
Forward/back speed gearⅢ(km/h) 0~38.0
Forward/back speed gearⅣ(km/h) 0~49.3