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Special Vehicle

Concrete Mixer Truck

Yutong concrete mixer truck introduces advanced technology from abroad and matches original imported hydraulic ...


Bulk Material Tank Semi-trailer

The bulk material tank semi-trailer is designed with beautiful and streamline figure. Both the tank and frame are ...


Bridge Inspection Platform

The trusswork of bridge inspection platform is made of high-strength rectangular tube imported from Germany. The ...


Road Wrecker

Integrated tow truck manufactured by our company can be divided into 3 kinds including two-axle road wreckers, ...


Gasoline Fuel Tank Trailer

The semi-trailer is a successful product of Yutong special vehicle whose tank has been applied for national ...



Yutong has enhanced its technical cooperation with chassis manufacturing enterprises and exerted its predominance in chassis R&D and manufacturing for years. By matching the integration technology of the mixer truck with the imported original hydraulic system manufactured by world famous enterprise, Yutong develops special purpose vehicle with structural strength analyzed and chassis checked by the post-doctor research station and national technical center of yutong group to guarantee its excellent performance and convenient operation.
The special purpose vehicle is used in specific professional field. Currently our company has developed a complete series of special purpose vehicle including concrete mixer truck, bulk material tank semi-trailer, bridge inspection platform, etc, which are mainly used for loading and unloading cargo, transferring cargo in long distance, emergency rescuing in different working environment such as concrete batching plant, Construction Company, electric power industry, etc.