Mining Trucks of Yutong Make a Strong Foray into Iranian Market

“This truck is much better than rigid mining trucks and heavy-duty trucks from the perspective of economic practicality. It is the first time that I’ve seen such a kind of truck and I have to admit that Chinese people are so smart”. This is the sincere praise our company got from an owner of a mining company from the northern mountainous area in Iran after paying a visit to the YT3623 of our company.

On October 2014, Yutong, together with the local distributors in Iran, attended the Mining & Minerals Exhibition in Mahallat, a small city in the mining area of central Iran. The displayed truck YT3623 was carefully designed by our company according to the requirements of Iranian distributors. And adhering to the customer-oriented operation and management philosophy, the international division appointed a special person to supervise the work of YT3623 on the assembly line. We immediately made corrective actions as soon as problems were found to ensure that the mining trucks were delivered to our Iranian customers with super high quality.

New mining trucks from neither CAT nor Komatsu were part of the exhibition due to the sanctions from European and American countries. And the displayed cars were all second-hand rigid mining trucks imported by private enterprises from Dubai. YT3623 with super quality from our company was the only general mining truck displayed in this exhibition, attracting lots of audiences and receiving great popularity.

This exhibition is just the first step for our further success and Yutong has made a plan for long-term service as well as the parts and market development plan with the local distributors in Iran! And the success of mining trucks from Yutong in the Iranian market is just around the corner with the joint efforts of both sides!

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