From 3rd November 2014 to 8th November 2014, Havana International Exhibition was held in Cuba. This exhibition is not only the most influential international exhibition in Cuba, but also one of the most important international annual events in Cuba.

YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES participated in the exhibition and played a well-prepared clip with amazing scenes and sound effect in YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES’ exhibition pavilion, successfully attracting many buyers, users, as well as the ordinary visitors. More than 500 promotional materials and amazing gifts had been handed out during the exhibition. Through the exhibition, YUTONG HEAVY INSUSTRIES received more than ten companies from the Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Sugar, and about fifty users. More importantly, it also got a lot of relevant information from its potential clients.

One purchase manager from the Ministry of Construction promised that they would purchase the mining dump truck from YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES in 2015; the technical director from the Cuba Bus Company said they planned to purchase road-block removal truck from YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES in 2015; construction company under the Ministry of Defence said they would continue to support YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES; relevant official from one foreign trade corporation under the army said that the engineering machinery purchase of Cuba in 2015 would witness big increase from 2014 and they would like to expand cooperation with YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES .

Meanwhile, Feng Zhanyong, manager of American Division of YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, and Shu Hong, the sales manager in charge of the Cuba market did interviews by Cuba television station and Jamaica television station during the exhibition. Thanks to this exhibition, YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES has further enhanced its reputation in Cuba and Caribbean area, laying a solid foundation for further exploiting of the market. We believe that the “seeds sown by YUTONG HEAVY INDUSTRIES in Cuba in 2014 will “bear fruit” in 2015.

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