YUTONGHII in the Atexpo Chile

November 14 ended Tthe main industrial fair of ATEXPO 2014 ended on November 14th in region III, , ATEXPO 2014, which was later transformed into a dynamic space allowing a positive project ing of Atacama.

And in its third version, the region faced significant challenges in economic growth.

YUTONGHII representatives attended the event and participated in more than a dozen business meetings; Itit was important to talk with representatives of Codelco Division Salvador to understand their construction equipment procurement procedures, to learn about their 2015 procurement plan, and to lay a firm foundation for future cooperation.

In this context, the mining authority highlighted initiatives, such as over 3,500 business conferences that allowed face-to-face meetings between suppliers of goods and services with constituents, providing the opportunity to generate links and businesses in the short or medium term.

After the meeting, the representative paid a visit to local customers, and learned about the present situation of our equipment, and providedproviding follow-up maintenance suggestions.