Yutong's 1st Customer in Turkey

Atak Insaat is a contractor of deep foundation Construction Company in Izmir, Turkey. They have totally 11 units of rotary drilling rigs include the biggest one in Turkey – Liebherr LB36-410.
When I decided to work in Turkish market, I tried to find the sales record in our data. However, after I checked lots of places, the only information I found was that we exported one unit of rotary drilling rig – YTR230 to Turkey in 2006, and there was not any other customer record. When I talked to Mr. Michael, he told me that he had visited Turkey in 2007, and had visited some customers. More importantly, he told me that Atak Insaat was the first customer of Yutong in Turkey.

After I arrived in Turkey, I finally met the Deputy General Manager Atak Insaat. But unfortunately, the only Yutong machine in Turkey was totally scrapped because it drilled natural gas pipe by accident and exploded last year.

Although there was a lot of problems of the YTR230 at the first year, after they fixed it, Atak Insaat was satisfied with the machine and still interested in our construction equipments. Now we are discussing the further cooperation in Turkish market and hope they will be our customer again in Turkey.